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Caulking, Epoxy & Sealants

Caulking compounds and sealants are used to seal cracks in buildings in order to prevent the joints from water penetration which can be a result of joint failure. Above-grade waterproofing with caulking and sealants is a structure’s first line of defense against the elements. Caulking and Sealant products used are specifically selected for material and the type of protection which is needed.

Over time, building movement and the effects of weather will cause caulking and sealants to deteriorate and lose its bond within the joints. In addition to the loss of a moisture barrier, a building also loses thermal and noise insulation. Epoxy injection is a bonding process used to repair a wide variety of concrete and masonry structures.

The material not only fills cracks, but welds them together structurally by using an epoxy that is forced through the crack under pressure. This forms a bond that is stronger than the concrete itself.

Damage to the building's interior and loss of energy are inevitable.The infiltration of water often leads to cracks that allow for building deterioration; insects as well may enter into the building interior.

Our experienced team of educated, trained and certified technicians can help you protect your building now and for years to come.

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About Kapton Caulking & Building Restoration Since 1969 our company has made a continued commitment to its customers and organization over the years to strive towards the highest level of quality, customer service, and workmanship to each project that it undertakes.


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We are proud to offer products from trusted brands like STI, BASF, Tremco, Sika, Sonneborn, Dow Corning, Hydrozo & Degussa.

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