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Kapton Caulking & Building Restoration provides specialized fireproofing sealant applications and fireproof coatings. Fireproof sealants are used to seal electrical cables, plastic pipes, steel and copper pipes that penetrate fire-rated walls and floors. These sealants keep your business safe, as most fires spread through electrical cable or piping. Fireproof coatings provide additional escape time during a fire and extra time for firefighters to do their job before the fire spreads.

Firestop is widely recognized as a problematic issue for facilities engineering professionals. We are FIT™ Level 1 Basic Training Certified.

You can depend on our experienced, highly trained team of project managers to help you choose the design and appropriate material best suited to your particular project. It may be new work or a retrofit and respray application. All of our managers are seasoned veterans of:

    • Sprayed Applied Fireproofing
    • Firestop Systems
    • Spray Foam Insulation
    • Spray-On Acoustical Insulation
    • Smokestop Systems


Kapton Caulking has led the market in providing factory trained Firestop, Fire Barrier and Expansion Joint installers on their projects. They continue to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and technical expertise by consistently meeting the requirements on unique and difficult projects. They have earned an excellent reputation with construction managers and facility owners for their ability to bring these project in on-time and under budget.

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About us

About Kapton Caulking & Building Restoration Since 1969 our company has made a continued commitment to its customers and organization over the years to strive towards the highest level of quality, customer service, and workmanship to each project that it undertakes.


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We are proud to offer products from trusted brands like STI, BASF, Tremco, Sika, Sonneborn, Dow Corning, Hydrozo & Degussa.

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